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Step-by-step, we're with you all the way!

  • Discuss expectations and availability

  • Evaluate budget and time restrictions

  • Determine customers material preferences

Meet the Customer


  • Review scope of work by area.

  • Laser measure and build floor plan with quantities using Measure Square software

  • Inspect all areas of work for deficiencies eg. subfloors etc.

  • Present complete proposal to customer


Confirm Confirm Confirm


  • Confirm scope of work

  • Confirm materials

  • Secure deposit


Schedule the Job


  • Coordinate start time with customer

  • Order materials accordingly

  • Deliver materials to ensure appropriate acclamation.




  • Introduction and on-site review with master craftsman installers

  • Set up walk off mats, tarps and wall protection as needed

  • Execute scope of work




  • Walk through job site with customer

  • Confirm customer satisfaction.

  • Obtain testimonial or survey


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